Bembies Ghee vegetable cream soup with croutons

Vegetable Cream Soup with Croutons

Soup suitable for small and large children. Light and tasty!

Ingredients for the soup

1 ½ tbsp. Bembie's ghee
2 pieces of zucchini - medium size
2 carrots - medium size
1/2 onion
4 cloves of garlic
2 medium-sized potatoes
150 ml of fresh cow`s milk

Ingredients for the croutons 

1 tbsp. Bembie's ghee
2 slices of bread - preferably whole grain

First prepare the products 

Onion - peel it and cut it into cubes.
Carrots - wash them and clean them. Cut them into cubes.
Zucchini - wash them well. Peel them. Remove the ends of the zucchini. Cut them into cubes about 1 cm.
Garlic - clean and cut into cubes.
Potatoes - peel them, wash them and cut them into cubes.

We are now ready to begin.

Directions for the soup

Put the Bembie's ghee in a medium deep saucepan. Turn on the stove to a moderate temperature. When the ghee starts to flow, add the onions and carrots. Put the lid on the pot and steam them for about 1, 2 minutes Add the zucchini and garlic, stir and cover the pot to simmer for 1 minute more. Add the potatoes, stir and cover for another 1, 2 minutes.

Add 1 liter of water to the pot and let the vegetables cook for 20 minutes on low heat. Add the fresh cow's milk and after the soup boils again, remove it from the heat. Add salt to taste and puree the soup.

Directions for the croutons

Cut the bread into cubes and put them in a pan. Heat the stove. Stir several times. When the bread is toasted a little, add Bembie's ghee and keep stirring until the ghee soaks into the crotons and a golden brown tan is obtained. Remove from the heat and let them cool.

Serve the soup to your loved ones and let them add the crotons themselves. It's fun.

Enjoy the meal.