Bembie's Ghee omelette

Omelette with Ham

For breakfast or lunch.

Ingredients (for one serving)

2 eggs (extra large)
½ tbsp. Bembie's Ghee
100 grams Ham (3.5 ounce) - which you like
Half a fresh cucumber and a few cherry tomatoes to garnish the dish


In a bowl, beat the eggs until you get a smooth mixture.
On a cutting board, cut the ham into small cubes.
Turn on the stove to heat to a moderate temperature.

Put Bembie's Ghee in a shallow pan. Wait for the ghee to melt completely and pour the beaten eggs into the hot pan. Once the eggs are lightly browned, add the ham on top. With the help of a kitchen spatula, close the omelette - so that a half circle is obtained. Turn the already closed omelette over to cook on the other side for 10/15 seconds. Add salt to your taste. Ready. You have a light golden omelette baked in liquid gold Ghee. Garnish the plate with a sliced cucumber and a few cherry tomatoes

The dish is suitable for breakfast or for a light lunch.

The recipe is suitable for people following a gluten-free and lactose-free diet, Paleo and Keto.