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What is Cow Ghee?

Our Ghee is an extremely high grade purified cow butter. During its preparation, solid milk particles are removed and water, leaving concentrated pure fat. It contains a high percentage of medium-chain fats. These are the fats that are more easily digested. Their molecules are smaller, which allows them to enter the cells directly and be immediately converted into energy. For this reason, Ghee enhances the metabolism, which helps to lose weight and eliminate extra pounds.

Ghee has a high smoke point (250 °C or 485 °F.). Compared to ordinary butter, which does not allow any kind of heat treatment, Ghee is perfectly suitable for cooking, baking, frying, even in diet menus, because it does not break down into free radicals like most oils and fats.

For this reason it is an extremely sought-after product by people following dietary regimes or diets. Extremely suitable for KETO and PALEO diets.

How Long Does Ghee Last?

You can leave Bembie's ghee on the kitchen counter - you don't have to keep it in the fridge.

Our Bembie's ghee has an 18 month shelf life.

However, after opening the jar, we recommend that you use it within 3 months.

Should my Ghee be melted or solid upon arrival?

Ghee may arrive solid if the temperature was not too warm during transit. It may also arrive in its liquid form if the shipping carrier delivers to your doorstep in warm conditions. Please note the product is safe to consume in either state. Please see "How Long Does Ghee Last" above to learn about its shelf life before and after opening your product.

Is the ghee suitable for people that are lactose intolerant?

Ghee is suitable for people with lactose intolerance, because during the purification of the butter, the lactose and casein are separated and removed.