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The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is gaining more and more popularity. Coffee is a drink that has been honored since ancient times. The legends about its appearance are numerous, and even today it is difficult to determine its original history.

A coffee legend

The most famous claim about the discovery of coffee is that it was first found by a common shepherd in Ethiopia, around the 3rd century AD. He noticed that every day, after his sheep ate the leaves of certain bushes, they became overly energetic and wild, and restless in the evening. The shepherd decided to check what these bushes were and he himself tasted their fruits. Thus began the legend of a miraculous bush whose fruits give a person a lot of energy, tone and a clear mind.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Coffee is an indispensable drink today, it is taken in different forms and with various additives. It is prepared almost all over the world, as black coffee, the Greek frappe, the French cappuccino and variations of cocktails, with different flavors added.

Today we decided to introduce you to a relatively new type of coffee, named Bulletproof coffee.

What is it and why is it gaining more and more popularity?

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

Coffee with natural fat - this is the essence of Bulletproof coffee. Although the combination seems extremely strange, this choice has a deep intention for the maximum benefit of the body. What do we mean?

It can be said that Dave Asprey is the creator of the Bulletproof coffee. He has been developing various studies for years to find out exactly how armored coffee affects the human body. In fact, he associated the idea of ​​Tibetan tea with yak milk and began his developments on coffee. Thus, he came to the conclusion that this combination of coffee with ghee can quite easily replace breakfast and satiate the hunger for sweet foods, which logically leads to the gradual shedding of extra pounds.

Bulletproof coffee, in addition to giving energy, is rich in proteins and fats, which actually lead to a feeling of satiety. According to Dave Asprey, the cup of coffee should be flavored instead of cream or milk with ghee or the vegetable oil of coconut. We have all heard about the benefits of coconut oil - it has strong antioxidant properties, strengthens immunity and, above all, speeds up the metabolism. This makes it a great addition to your morning coffee.

We know about coconut oil and ghee - they have strong antioxidant properties, strengthen immunity and, above all, speed up metabolism. This makes these oils a great addition to your morning coffee.

Soon we will start selling our new product which will be - Ghee with Coconut oil mixed together.

Why coffee with fat?

When we add a small amount of fat (Ghee) to coffee, our body goes into fat burning mode all day long. Ghee acts like the rest of the healthy fats we eat – for example, from avocados, coconuts, nuts, etc. These fats optimize cholesterol without increasing it in any way. In addition, these fats are saturated - they slow down the absorption of caffeine in the body, which prolongs its effect and, as we already know, fills us up.

If we start our day with Bulletproof coffee, we don't need to have breakfast. Fats in coffee play the role of the morning breakfast, so in no case should we combine it with additional food intake.

How to prepare Bulletproof coffee yourself?

What we need:

200 ml ready-to-drink coffee
1 tsp. cow Ghee
1 tsp. coconut oil

We recommend the use of Ghee oil instead of other animal oil, as its quality is globally proven – it has an amazing taste that is very suitable for Bulletproof coffee, it affects a number of processes in the body and is prepared according to a special Ayurvedic recipe. Ghee has strong tonic properties, helps the work of the digestive system and the small intestine. Ghee does not create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Ghee purifies our body at the cellular level, invigorates us, charging us with new energy.

To make Bulletproof coffee, you need to mix the two oils into the warm coffee. You can also mix the ingredients with a shaker

Finally - enjoy and drink your coffee with pleasure!

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