11 Reasons to Choose Bembie's Ghee

11 Reasons to Choose Bembie's Ghee

Ghee has been used literally for thousands of years. It is truly an "ancient" food. Ayurveda calls it liquid gold.

We at Bembie's stand by that statement.

Ghee is a bundle of health benefits and is good for both mind and soul.

1.    Ghee has a high smoke point.

Ghee has a high smoke point of 250 °C or 485 °F.
You can cook with Bembie's Ghee and it won't break down into free radicals like many other cooking fats do.

2.   No preservatives are used in Bembie's ghee.

3.   Quality is not compromised.

Only the highest quality raw materials are used to make Bembie's ghee. No compromises are allowed in any step of the production process.

4.   A wonderful nutty aroma.

Bembie's ghee has a slight nutty aftertaste, the result of proper preparation.

5.   Bembie's Ghee does not spoil easily.

You can leave Bembie's ghee on the kitchen counter - you don't have to keep it in the fridge. Our Bembie's ghee has an 18 month shelf life. However, after opening the jar, we recommend that you use it within 3 months.

6.   Good tolerability.

Ghee is unlikely to have a harmful effect on people with dairy intolerance. You can use Bembie's ghee on diets that exclude gluten and lactose.

7.   Rich in useful vitamins.

Ghee is rich in fat-soluble Vitamins A, E, K2 CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) - an antioxidant with antiviral properties

8.   Weight loss.

Bembie's ghee is extremely good for Bulletproof Coffee, KETO and PALEO diets.

9.   A healthy digestive tract.

Bembie's ghee is extremely beneficial for the digestive tract, both the small intestine, colon and the excretory system.

10.  A healthy immune system.

Today it is no longer a secret that human health lies in the intestines.
Research shows that adequate butyric acid intake boosts the production of T-cells that keep the immune system strong. With Bembie's ghee, you will increase your body's levels of the all-important butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid.

11.  Molecules of emotions.

Negative emotions have a chemical nature.

In Ayurveda, Ghee is considered one of the purest foods, helping to expand your consciousness and charge you with positive solar energy.

Ghee cleanses the body of cellular level and when used correctly in detoxification can help flush out toxins.

You can use Bembie's ghee to nourish and cleanse your Rudraksha. Wearing your Rudraksha purified with liquid gold Ghee will balance the energies on a mental level.

Thus using Bembie's ghee you will achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body.

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